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Why LTL Shop Loves FUL London

Are you ready for FUL professional hair care?

Over the last few years, we at Live True London have been developing a brand new professional hair care brand, and we’d love to introduce you to FUL London!

Our aim with FUL is to provide accessible yet performance driven hair care to transform your hair. Now available at Live True Salons and the LTLShop, and at FUL London, let us show you what your hair is really capable of.

FUL London Intense Moisture Hair Mask

Meet FUL London's Intense Moisture Hair Mask, designed to replenish dry and damaged locks. Its pH balanced formula means it is optimised for ultimate hair hydration that you can both see and feel.

Shea butter and organic coconut oil help to provide nourishing moisture to dry and straw-like hair, leaving you with added shine and softness.

FUL London Styling Spray

This powerful styling spray will soften your hair like silk (thanks to its perfect pH balanced formula), add volume (yes, you heard right), protect your hair against heat, and if that wasn’t enough, it’ll also add an invisible hold. You’re welcome.

FUL's multi-use styling spray is packed with hair benefits to give you ultimate styling freedom.

  • De-frizz: Tame frizz and banish flyaways for the smoothest styles.
  • Softening: Keep your hair soft and luscious with added conditioning elements.
  • Volumising: Add extra body to limp or fine hair.
  • Heat protection: Keep your strands on lock and protected from heat damage.
  • Invisible hold: Style all day! Our styling spray adds invisible hold.

Shop FUL now at the LTL Shop!

FUL, FUL London, LTLShop, LTL Shop

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