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Coloured Hair – Making Your Colour Last

Protecting your colour from external factors is a must to reduce fading and ensure long lasting colour!

Using the right aftercare will determine how long your colour lasts and the overall health of your hair.

As you would not wash your brand-new cashmere jumper with washing up liquid, your hair needs attention and care in the same manner.


Kérastase has created the Reflection range so that dyed hair can get the protection it needs.

Kérastase’s Bain Chromatique, which is sulphate free, will shampoo your hair gently while locking the colour pigments inside the hair. This is best used alongside Kérastase’s Fondant Chromatique for added effect. This range also has two masks, the Masque Chromatique for fine hair and the Masque Chromatique for thick hair. It is important to use specially formulated masks for coloured hair as regular moisturising hair masks will open the hair cuticles making the colour fade faster.


Pureology is also designed for coloured hair and the full range of shampoos, conditioners and masks contain its signature anti-fade system. The advantage with this range is that you can couple any hair concern that you need to treat with anti-fading protection.

If your hair needs moisture, the Hydrate range will help.

If your hair is weak, the Strength Cure range is perfectly designed to bring protein.

If your hair needs help with managing, the Smooth Perfection range will assist in styling.

More Tips

Avoid overusing heat stylers such as hairdryers, curling tongs and straighteners as these will make your colour fade faster. When heat styling, always remember to use heat protection sprays such as Redken’s Iron Shape to create a heat resistant barrier around your hair and help to protect your colour.

Finally, when you finish washing your hair always remember to rinse your hair with cold water at the end. This will help to close the cuticles and will leave the hair full of shine.

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