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Davines, Davines Hair Products, Davines Haircare, Davines Hair Care, Which Davines Conditioner Should I Use


Which Davines Conditioner Should I Use?

In the quest for lustrous, soft, and manageable hair, the right conditioner plays a pivotal role. Among the myriad of haircare brands on the market, Davines stands out for its commitment to blending the bounties of nature with scientific finesse. With a range as expansive as Davines', zeroing in on the perfect conditioner for your needs might require a little guidance. Let's dive deep into four of their standout offerings: the Nounou, Momo, Minu, and Dede conditioners.

1. Nounou Conditioner: For the Damaged Damsel

Hair damage is an all-too-common woe, often stemming from frequent styling, colouring, or environmental stressors. If your locks are feeling a tad brittle or lacklustre, the Nounou Conditioner could be your hair's new best friend. Infused with Fiaschetto Tomato, this formula offers deep nourishment to replenish and revitalise stressed strands. Beyond just hydration, it focuses on repair, working to restore hair's natural vitality.

2. Momo Conditioner: Quenching the Thirst

Dry hair often lacks the shine, suppleness, and manageability that many of us covet. Enter the Momo Conditioner. Enriched with Yellow Melon extract, this conditioner is all about hydration. Its moisture-rich formula delves deep into hair fibres, ensuring that your tresses are hydrated from within. The result? Silky, soft hair that's far more resistant to the perils of dryness.

3. Minu Conditioner: The Colour Champion

Coloured hair has its own unique set of challenges, primary among them being colour fade. To keep that freshly-dyed vibrancy, you might want to consider the Minu Conditioner. With Salina Caper blossom extract as its star ingredient, Minu is formulated to protect and maintain colour brilliance. It ensures that your hue remains radiant, while simultaneously offering the hydration and protection that coloured hair often craves.

4. Dede Conditioner: The Light Touch

Not everyone needs or wants a heavy-duty conditioner. For those with fine hair or those who wash their hair frequently, a lightweight yet effective conditioner is paramount. This is where the Dede Conditioner shines. Packed with Red Celery extract, it provides a gentle touch of moisture, ensuring that hair is conditioned without being weighed down. It's the perfect choice for those seeking daily manageability and softness without the heaviness.


Davines, with its nuanced understanding of diverse hair needs, offers conditioners that are both tailored and effective. Whether you're battling dryness, seeking repair, wanting to preserve colour, or just need a gentle touch, there's a Davines conditioner waiting for you. Remember, the foundation of great hair lies in understanding its unique needs and choosing products that align seamlessly. With Nounou, Momo, Minu, or Dede, you're well on your way to unlocking hair that not only looks but feels its best.

Davines, Davines Hair Products, Davines Haircare, Davines Hair Care, Which Davines Conditioner Should I Use
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