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Color Wow Root Cover Up - Medium Brown 2.1g, What Hair Colours Are Best For The Color Wow Root Cover Up - Medium Brown 2.1g, Color Wow Root Cover Up, Color Wow


What Hair Colours Are Best For The Color Wow Root Cover Up - Medium Brown 2.1g?

Navigating the world of hair colour touch-ups can be a challenging endeavour, especially when seeking the perfect root cover-up product. The Color Wow Root Cover Up - Medium Brown 2.1g emerges as a versatile and effective solution for many hair colours. Understanding which hair colours harmonise best with this shade can make all the difference in achieving a seamless, natural look. Let's delve into the hair colours that align perfectly with the Color Wow Root Cover Up - Medium Brown 2.1g.

1. Light to Medium Brown Hair:
The most obvious match for the Medium Brown shade is naturally light to medium brown hair. This range includes a variety of brown tones from lighter, sandy browns to richer, deeper browns. The Medium Brown shade is adept at blending with these natural hues, providing a seamless cover-up for regrowth or greys.

2. Brunettes with Highlights:
Brunettes with lighter highlights or balayage can also benefit from the Color Wow Root Cover Up - Medium Brown 2.1g. When applied to roots, it can create a natural transition between the darker regrowth and the lighter strands, maintaining the depth and dimension of the highlighted hair.

3. Dark Blonde Hair:
Those with dark blonde hair who lean towards a more brunette shade will find the Color Wow Root Cover Up - Medium Brown 2.1g to be a suitable match. It can add depth to the roots, making the overall hair colour appear richer and more vibrant.

4. Soft Black or Darker Hair:
For individuals with soft black or very dark brown hair, the Medium Brown shade can work well for a softer root touch-up. It's particularly effective for those who wish to lighten their root area slightly, creating a subtle, softer contrast with the darker lengths.

5. Ombré and Graduated Hair Colours:
Medium Brown is also an excellent choice for those with ombré or graduated colour, where the roots are naturally darker. It helps maintain the gradient effect by subtly blending the regrowth into the lighter ends.

6. Salt and Pepper Hair:
For those experiencing the early stages of greying, where hair is a mix of brown and grey, Medium Brown can provide excellent coverage. It blends the grey without creating an overly stark contrast, maintaining a natural, blended look.

7. Coloured Hair Seeking Depth:
Individuals who have coloured their hair and wish to add depth and dimension to their roots can use Medium Brown. It can create a shadow effect, which is particularly desirable in styles like babylights or fine highlights.


The Color Wow Root Cover Up - Medium Brown 2.1g is a versatile product that caters to a wide range of hair colours. From light to medium browns, dark blondes, and even soft black, this shade can provide effective coverage and a natural look. Understanding the compatibility of your hair colour with this product ensures that you can maintain your hair’s vibrancy and dimension between salon visits. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of Color Wow Root Cover Up and keep your hair looking impeccably styled, every day.

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