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Davines, Davines Haircare, Davines Hair Care, Davines Products, What Davines Range Should I Use For Normal Hair


What Davines Range Should I Use For Normal Hair?

The haircare world often seems overrun with solutions for specific problems – from the driest of locks to colour-treated tresses. But what about those blessed with 'normal' hair? While not struggling with overt hair issues, maintaining the balance and enhancing the inherent beauty of normal hair is crucial. Enter the world of Davines, where even the most balanced of manes is given its moment to shine. Let's explore the ideal Davines range tailored for normal hair.

The Heart of Davines: The Essential Haircare Range

While Davines offers a plethora of specialised ranges, the Essential Haircare line stands out for its holistic approach. Designed to cater to a spectrum of hair types, it has some gems for those with normal hair.

1. Dede – The Gentle Embrace

The Dede products are formulated especially for those with normal to fine hair. Being lightweight, they ensure that your hair retains its natural bounce.

  • Dede Shampoo: A daily cleanser that gently purifies, leaving your hair soft and fresh.
  • Dede Conditioner: This detangling conditioner offers a light moisturising effect without weighing your hair down.

2. MELU – The Shield Against External Aggressors

For those who have normal hair but are wary of daily environmental stressors, the MELU range offers a protective shield.

  • MELU Shampoo and Conditioner: Enriched with lentil seed extract, these products work in tandem to fortify, nourish, and prevent breakage.

OI Range: The Universal Wonder

Another splendid range for normal hair is Davines' OI line. Infused with Roucou oil, it's the one-size-fits-all solution that offers shine, softness, and a touch of daily protection.

  • OI Shampoo: This product provides the right amount of daily moisture, enhance natural shine, and makes hair incredibly manageable.

Sustainability Meets Efficacy

One of the standout features of Davines products, beyond their efficacy, is their commitment to the environment. The Essential Haircare line, for instance, partners with the Slow Food Presidia project. This ensures that the key ingredients used are sustainably sourced, protecting biodiversity.


Normal hair, while not demanding intensive treatments or repair, deserves a touch of luxury and care. With Davines, you get products that not only maintain the inherent beauty of your hair but also enhance and protect it. So, even if your hair doesn’t sway towards extremes, treating it to the balanced nourishment it deserves will ensure it remains your crowning glory for years to come. Whether you lean towards the gentle care of Dede, the protective embrace of MELU, or the universal appeal of OI, Davines has you covered.

Davines, Davines Haircare, Davines Hair Care, Davines Products, What Davines Range Should I Use For Normal Hair
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