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How Do You Use The Davines OI Liquid Luster?

Radiance, shine, and gloss – these are often the coveted finishing touches for hair that’s been freshly styled. Elixirs promising that gleaming finish are manifold, but among them, the Davines OI Liquid Luster stands out as a trusted ally. But how does one effectively harness its power? Dive in as we unravel the best way to use this shimmering gem.

Understanding Davines OI Liquid Luster

Before delving into its usage, it’s pivotal to grasp what makes this product unique. Part of the renowned OI range by Davines, the Davines OI Liquid Luster is formulated to offer a brilliant shine while still caring for the hair. It's more than just a shine spray; it's a fusion of treatment and aesthetics.

Why Choose OI Liquid Luster?

  • Universal Use: Suitable for all hair types, ensuring everyone can achieve that polished finish.
  • Enhanced Shine: Designed to illuminate the hair, it imparts a shine that lasts, making hair look healthy and vibrant.
  • Non-Greasy: Unlike some shine sprays, it doesn’t weigh the hair down or leave it feeling oily.
  • Fragrance: Infused with the signature OI scent, it leaves hair not only looking great but smelling divine.

How to Use Davines OI Liquid Luster: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Start with Dry Hair: For best results, ensure your hair is fully dry, whether you’ve allowed it to air dry or have used a hairdryer.
  • Shake Well: Before application, give the bottle a good shake to ensure the ingredients are well-mixed.
  • Hold and Spray: Hold the bottle at approximately 30 cm from the hair. Spray lightly, making sure to evenly cover all strands. Remember, a little goes a long way!
  • Style as Desired: Once applied, you can leave your hair as it is or proceed with further styling using tools or other products. The Davines OI Liquid Luster will act as a radiant finishing touch.
  • Reapply If Needed: If you’re out and about and feel the need for an extra boost of shine, you can reapply the Liquid Luster. Just be cautious not to overdo it to avoid build-up.

Pro Tips:

  • Focus on Ends: While it's okay to spritz all over, concentrate more on the ends, as they often need the most shine and can look duller than the rest of the hair.
  • Combine with Other Products: The Davines OI Liquid Luster works harmoniously with other products in the OI range. For added nourishment and shine, consider integrating other OI products into your routine.


Achieving that salon-finish shine at home doesn’t have to be a challenge. With products like the Davines OI Liquid Luster, you have a professional touch right at your fingertips. Remember, it’s not just about how luminous your hair looks, but also how healthy and nurtured it feels. With the right technique and product, your hair can truly shine in all its glory.

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