Foilage Express by Szindy


Foilage Express with Szindy @glamhair_sz: 

Over the last few years, Szindy has become a master of balayage techniques, including the highly requested Foilage. Over this 6 hour intensive course, Szindy will take you through the necessary steps to create a seamless, glamorous and instagramable blend in express timing.

Szindy is part of the artistic team and a Redken artist. She is Live True London’s biggest fashionista and loves to incorporate her personal style into her work. Textured waves and tape hair extensions are her forte, as well as creating the ultimate blended balayage.

What we'll cover

  • Understanding Foilage technique.
  • Achieving amazing results in express timing.
  • Obtaining dramatic results in one go.
  • Gain present-day blended face frames.
  • Being confident with foilage methods.
  • Getting maximum lift in no time.
  • Perfect toning for flawless blends.
  • Converting highlight client to foilage with a stress free strategy.
  • A clear understanding on sectioning hair.
  • Taking the perfect shot of the final result.
  • Managing your clients expectation.
  • Express beach wave styling.

When: 25th April 2022

Duration: 11 am- 5 pm

Where: Live True London Soho

Price: £300+ VAT per person