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Brunette Balayage by Natalia


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Brunette Balayage with Natalia @nataliaverahair

How many times have you been afraid to approach the situation in front of you or have felt unable to decipher the reference photo your client is showing you?

Do you find yourself asking…

What technique should I use?
When should I rinse it?
What percentage of developer shall I use?
What formula shall I use?

After much trial and error and experiencing many mistakes myself, Natalia has developed methods that allow her to create the perfect brunette balayage with effortless, time effective and seamless results. It is through these methods that she’ll showcase on this course that Natalia has attained a very extensive brunette clientele.

Working in editorial as well as runway, Natalia has built up an impressive portfolio of creative work that’s high fashion yet totally wearable. From buttery blonde to brunette balayage, Natalia will finish your new look with gorgeous glossy waves.

What we’ll cover

  • Sectioning and placement techniques for bespoke and customisable results.
  • My personal formulating secrets for gorgeous brunette shades, such as chestnut, chocolate, caramel and mushroom tones.
  • How to hand paint for a seamless dimensional balayage.
  • When, why and how to pre-tone.
  • Tricks of achieving a shiny, ashy brunette without it looking dull.
  • What level of lifting is needed to reach optimum levels for what your client is showing you.
  • Deep understanding of undertones and how to use them to your advantage.
  • How to choose the right toner.
  • How to style and finish your clients hair perfectly and prepare it for the perfect Instagramable shot!

When: 7th February 2022

Duration: 11am – 5pm

Where: Live True London Soho

Price: £300+ VAT


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